Keens Park Rangers First             5

Manorcroft First                           0

Goals: Woodsy 1, Seamus Leonard 1, Ben Wicherek 1, Jon Boy 2

Man-of-the-Match: Woodsy

The Golds were looking to get back to winning ways after a disappointing display that earnt only a point away to Milford the week before. It always helps to do this at the mighty fortress of Pyrford where the first team haven’t played since early December.

The players arrived surprised to see an overly eager Manorcroft who appeared to have arrived the night before beating even the early…bird… Jake ‘Walrus’ Sims to the ground. To quote Tigger, “They say the early bird does not always catch the worm, but this time it did. He really does come up with some nonsense.

Before the game got under way the Manorcroft management and the referee appeared to have a good ole 15 minute catch up, very bizarre and mentioning it by no means is insinuating anything…although fair to say their management were a few decibels quieter than usual during the game.

Anyway, the game got under way. Both teams started well and were looking to go forward quickly. The golds were aware that Manorcroft have some handy players on the attack and defended resolutely in the early exchanges.

It was quick attack that was to get the scoring underway. The ball flicked forward in midfield and then fed back from Liam to Ben, who clipped the ball over the back four and in front of a speeding Woodsy. Showing good strength Woodsy shrugged off the centre back and then had the skill and composure to roll the ball from his knee, down his shin, and the off his toes into the back of the net from about 12 yards out.

It wasn’t too long after that the same thing happened again, a ball played into Liam who moved it to Ben, who again played an excellent ball over the top to Seamus. This time there was less speed and strength in the body but the ball, hit just outside the box, flew through the air striking the perfect point of post and crossbar before nestling into the back of the net again.

Manorcroft appeared shook and despite the referees attempts at helping the away side, KPR were the better team and were taking the chances when they came.

Half time swung around and the team talk was relatively positive (for once). Gary and Mick urging the team not to get carried away, the opposition were still a danger. Fortunately Gary loves a cliche and was only too keen to throw in “it’s all down to the next goal”.

The second half was tougher, Manorcroft were more organised and concentrated on keeping the ball as opposed to hoofing on to the grateful Chris Butler at the end of each possession.

KPR kept pushing forward with a number of chances landing at the feet of the typically reliable Danny Way. However, today was not Danny’s day. A squandered chance here, a squandered chance there and ultimately a falling arse over tit after standing on the ball when one-on-one with the keeper. One to forget for Danny, one never to forget for everyone else.

With a 15 minutes to go the management saw fit to change the attacking three. Liam left the field and Jon Boy O’Shea took to the pitch. The decision to leave Danny was allegedly to see what else could go wrong!

It’s hard to argue with a change when it makes an impact. Moments later Woodsy was set free on the right hand side after a ball from midfield (I have forgotten who, but it’s probably not Bruce) and the crowd bore witness to something very rarely seen. Woodsy through on goal, picked his head up and slid a perfect ball across the box to a waiting Jon Boy who passed the ball into the empty net.

The ever present Woodsy was again in the action not long after. The Manorcroft defence sprawled on the floor asking for no more were again left for dead by the KPR skipper. An excellent ball whipped in by Woodsy found the advancing Ben who capped off his excellent display with a prodded left foot volley which could not have been any closer to the post without touching it, four up.

I’m bored of typing his name now, but there is a reason or two why he got MoM this week. The fifth and final goal was again created by Woodsy. Receiving the ball in front of the opposition back line, he clipped the ball in behind the statues in blue to Jon Boy. At this moment literally everyone on the pitch stopped moving, even the Manorcroft goalkeeper. Jon Boy strode through as casual as you like struck the ball straight at the still goalkeeper (who has his hands on his hips), the ball rebounded into the face of the KPR forward, landed at his feet and then rolled it into the goal.

The final whistle blew (one of the few times it wasn’t for some random free kick awarded to Manorcroft) capping off an excellent display from the golds. Not one player to fault this week, Walrus was sturdy, the defence barely missed a thing, the midfield battled well and used the ball effectively and the forwards…just read above.

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