Keens Park Rangers First             0

 Wandgas First                               2

Man-of-the-Match: Ben Wicherek

The Golds played were up against another out of league side in the County Cup this week. Fortunately they didn’t have to travel to the oppositions ground as this may have been a struggle for the majority of the team.

The management had decided to take their four favourite players out on a cultural day in London the day before and unfortunately everyone was feeling a little under the weather, most likely the gin and orange going around. It appeared that some of the other players had also decided to ingest come culture as they feebly crawled into the changing room one after another.

As the warm up took place and Ben Wicherek dashed around like a kid in a sweet shop it was pointed out that the Golds were one short. Any regular readers will be aware that the firsts have one particular individual who struggles with time keeping after a couple too many ‘fruities’ and a 5am session on Call of Duty, yes Dan Way was M.I.A. and not contactable. All was not lost though as the Dan was simply replaced by the hiccoughing Tommy Newell.

As kick off drew nearer there was an apparent lack of opposition. They slowly filtered into the clubhouse and KPR got geared up to take advantage of the other sides lack or preparation.

The game kicked off…now I can only apologise for a lack of detail in the following paragraphs, it just so happens I was one of the managements favourite players enjoying a cultural tour of London.

KPR got off to a good enough start keeping the ball well, shifting across the midfield nicely, unfortunately never quite creating any final product. The best chance falling to Ben who curled a strike towards the top left corner but passing the post agonisingly close. However, after this reasonable start the Golds were not at the races.

A couple of things can be said for the opposition. They had a couple of good players, mainly the right back and the striker. They also seemed to have caught a very serious case of verbal diarrhea, unfortunately the referee (who was generally pretty good) was not a fan of the sin bin, had he been the opposition would certainly have been missing a few players throughout.

The Golds went in at half time (possibly one down) and deservedly received a rather a large rocket up the backside. Notably Ben was excluded from this as he was controlling the midfield well.


The second half started much the same as the first with the Golds playing some good football and managing to push back Wandgas, thus creating space for the midfield to again move the ball around.

KPR did create two excellent chances. The first fell to Seamus who after having a shot blocked on the edge of the box had a second go from around the penalty spot but pulled it just wide. The second fell to Tommy who was put through one-on-one with the keeper, the closer he got to the goal the less sturdy his legs got and eventually the entire back four managed to catch him before he could unleash a shot on goal. Unfortunately that was it for the clear chances (again, this might not be the whole truth).

The management decided to make a change and woke up the late arrival Dan Way. Several players in Gold started to wander over to the side line in hope that they would be put out of their misery, Liam won the raffle this time.

KPR continued to press and with the additional width now available through Danny could start swinging some balls into the box. All this was to no avail though as KPR continued to lack quality on the final parts of play.

Wandgas remained present throughout and did try and play some football, mainly through those better players mentioned previously. They got their second goal after a ball was whipped in from the left and turned in off the head of number 10.

The game ended and although the Golds were disappointed with the result and overall display, there was no lack of effort.

That’s the cup done with this year and now to get back to the league to try and recreate the fantastic form the team saw in October and November.

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