Keens Park Rangers First               2

University of Surrey First               1

Goals: Chris Butler, Bruce McPhail

This week the Golds met the Uni of Surrey for the second time in the league this season. A bit earlier than expected but our sources say Sky were desperate not to show this on a Tuesday night in May 2020.

Following the celebrations of the previous week the Golds were still in high spirits especially considering the goalkeeper this game was to be 6ft 7 Tommy Newell, no more Mr Lobby (hopefully).

The Uni got off to a solid start, their much changed lineup was far more dangerous than the Golds previously met. The Uni created countless chances during the initial exchanges but all fell away into nothing. There isn’t an official corner account during the first half but it was higher than Chinga can count (more than 6). The Golds can certainly look fondly upon the dedicated hours spent on corners in training, at least the defence appear to have learnt something.

KPR only created two chances of note in the first half. The first one a speculative left foot volley from Bruce which was within a mile (just) of the post. The other from a ball over the top to Jonny who took the ball down on his chest but couldn’t manage to keep his volley down as it flew over the trees and into Woking Town Centre.

After a swift kick in the backside at halftime from Mick, the Golds were ready to try and replicate the early start to the second half from the previous week.

It wasn’t quite as quick but it certainly didn’t take too long. KPR were pressing on the right hand-side and the ball was shifted onto the “deadly” left foot of Bruce. The centre back midfielder then clipped a ball in to the out of position Chris Butler who leapt higher than the opposing defenders and nodded the ball into the back of the net.

The Golds were continued to be on top but the Uni had some good ball players who looked dangerous on the attack.

Eventually the Uni put a good ball through the KPR defence and the advancing Tommy Newell used all of his experience between the sticks to calmly wipe out their striker with a great sliding challenge, a penalty it certainly was. The spot-kick was put away to the right.

As the half went on, chances seemed to dry up between the teams as the long ball game took over. The referee certainly wasn’t keen on allowing the game to flow by blowing his whistle as often as Tigger swipes right on Tinder.

As KPR continued to push the opposition keeper certainly made a nuisance of himself. The first save coming from Liam who hit the ball from 25 yards which was somehow clawed onto the post, so close that Owen had already started celebrating. The second from Seamus who hit a half volley well towards the top corner and again the keeper flew into action batting the ball away.

All of these heroics were to be for nothing, with less than a minute to go the Golds were still chasing three points. The ball was brought down in the middle and played out to Danny Way on the left. The winger got his head up and clearly had thoughts of four nutmegs and a chip to win it, however, Danny was clearly knackered as he drilled the ball across goal along the ground for Bruce who’s heavy first touch flew into the bottom left corner of the net.

The Uni only had time to kick off and be tackled immediately before the final whistle blew. Two wins in a row, starting to look a bit more solid now.

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