Keens Park Rangers 2 Ottershaw 3

Goals: Seamus Leonard (2)

Bookings: Dan Way

A windswept Pyrford was the scene of a frustrating defeat for the first team against Ottershaw but the club were fortunate to get a side out after last weeks debacle that involved three red cards.

Suspensions aside many first team regulars were absent due of work or, in the case of the first team’s regular correspondent Ryan Wallis, FA Cup commitments. Luckily the ressies did not have a fixture this week, so many of them, including man of the match James ‘Mungo’ Blackburn, were called upon to play.

Mungo, having played little more than an hour of football all season, paired up with fellow ressie Callum Toone in the centre of defence and both had assured games. Indeed, matters were looking rather promising all over the pitch as KPR took the lead after Seamus Leonard, assisted by storm Gareth, glanced the ball in with his monobrow.

Double teapot from Crouchy

Without resorting to Jurgen Klopp level excuses the wind was a major factor and talk on the touchline was that KPR would need a lead at half-time if a win were to prove likely. Typically, it was not to be and Ottershaw scored twice after some confused defending. Matters were getting a tad niggly off the ball as well and the touchline were enjoying a few verbal digs at the expense of Ottershaw’s number 16 who picked up a deserved booking for throwing Ben Wicherick to the ground.

The ref wasn’t helping matters by blowing up for ‘fouls’ that barely warranted the name while leaving others that could have been a booking on another day. It was, however, a minor coming together of one Ottershaw player with Leonard that led to the loudest cry from the touchline when his girlfriend Jess lost her composure for a moment with an ear piercing “Ooooiii!!!”

Although instantly shocked by her own outburst, which invoked much hilarity among the supporters, we must never underestimate the love of a good woman as Leonard scored again just before half time to draw things level.

Sadly, that was as good as things got for KPR and the second half was a litany of half ‘chances’ that failed to result in any actual attempts on goal. Dan Way did create one with a lovely pass in from the left that KPR captain, nest builder and all-round good egg Michael Woods glanced to the far post for Wicherick to place wide on the stretch.

The other came from an even better cross from the right by Mungo but the ball frustratingly travelled across the Ottershaw area unimpeded when KPR were chasing the game. Having made one excellent save with his feet, keeper Tom Coles had been beaten by a very composed finish inside the far post.

This was certainly the best goal of the game and Ottershaw – even it frequently meant booting the ball high into the air – were utilizing the windy conditions much more effectively. In an effort to change their fortunes KPR rolled the dice in bringing on their three substitutes. This involved the removal of Leonard when on the cusp of a hat-trick but, sadly, little changed even after the midfield finally got the measure of the weather and kept the ball on the carpet.

Under pressure

Matters would get worse for Leonard in the pub later as a bug (or the previous nights curry perhaps?) took its toll. But it was Toone who faced the most pressure in a series of card and spoof ‘matches’ into the early hours. Fingers crossed both their and the club’s fortunes improve next week.

“I’ll even wear Next boxers if Tristram has any”

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